Make Baseball Your Career

We Coach and Mentor High School, College and Professional Baseball Players.

Our System Covers All Aspects Of Your Baseball Development Year Around.

We Provide The Plan. You Show Up & Execute.

College Commits
90mph high school pitcher breakthroughs
Pro Contracts

How does it work?

1. Apply

This application grants you an opportunity to inform our staff about your situation and provide us the information we need to get your process started.

2. Book a free call

Have some unanswered questions? Discuss your unique situation with one of our team members so we can help you achieve your goals and walk you through how all of this works step by step.

3. Assess

To receive training tailored specifically for you, we need to learn as much about you as possible. Regardless if you are in-house or remote, this assessment process is our chance to learn how you move, figure out your strengths, find your deficiencies, and see your mechanics for the first time. This step is crucial for your athletic development and will be extremely detailed.

4. Start Training

After your assessment it’s time for your first training session. If you’re in-house, you will have access to our scheduling app so you can book ahead and schedule all of your training sessions at a time that is most convenient for you. All athletes are immediately onboarded to our training software which is where you will receive your individualized programs.


Your Journey to Making Baseball Your Career Begins Here

If you’re ready to take your baseball talents and skills to the next level, then you’ve landed in the right place. Here at Optimal Power Performance (OPP) we not only specialize in personalized baseball instruction, coaching, training – but it’s what we excel at.

We offer everything you need including in-house training, remote training, and online courses. While most of our motivated and driven athletes are high school baseball players who are looking to get a recruited, we also work with current college players and pro athletes.

Elevating Your Own Baseball Skills & Talents

Our #1 goal here at OPP is to help you maximize your baseball skills and athleticism with a real development system that has taken us years to create. We have trained over 2,000 baseball players at the time of this being written. We have the data points and learning experience that allows us to mentor every player at the level they are currently at so we can get them to the level they wish to be.

We believe the only way to take your talents to the next level of success is to look at every aspect of your game (and yourself) including hitting and pitching mechanics, strength training, speed training, mobility enhancement, an elevated mindset and improved nutrition habits.

Your Success Is What Fuels Our Success. Period.

Not only is baseball one of our biggest passions in life, and what we love to teach and coach here at OPP, but we thrive on getting real results for our athletes. We’re 100% dedicated to every single athlete we work with. We’re also deeply committed to helping every athlete not only meet their goals, but to exceed them.

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