OPP started out as an experiment in 2015 for the founder’s personal baseball career. This experiment was to test different training methodologies and player development strategies on a surplus of athletes to see what strategies would work best. Our founder Aj Arroyo, ended up collecting the data of hundreds of athletes during this process. At the time, he had no intentions of creating a baseball training company. He was just trying to figure out what works in the shortest amount of time possible for his own career. After his playing career came to an end in 2017, he decided to start coaching athletes full time. In 2019 he opened up our first location in Tempe AZ. It was there that he realized he could do something big. His goal was to create the first baseball facility that prioritized development over revenue. He knew what it was like paying for services that didn’t live up to the hype. So we have set out to be the change the industry needs and become the premium standard for baseball player development with our athlete first approach.

Since 2015 we have worked with well over 2,000+ baseball players and have been growing at a rapid rate since 2019. Our newest location is set up in Phoenix AZ with just under 7k sq ft of training space.

We have a unique culture at OPP that requires our team members to have an intra-entrepreneur mentality. Someone with a tremendous work ethic who has the motivation to accomplish their personal career goals and aspirations within our company.


As a Strength Coach with OPP, you will be able to create a platform for yourself. Our company realizes the value you can bring fourth and we want the world to know about it. As you progress in your education with OPP and contribute to the team, the progress you make with individual athletes and with our company will be highlighted. 

Our Strength Coaches will be expected to provide hands on coaching and demonstrations. Being able to lift weight through out the day in order to demonstrate your knowledge is important. Your day to day tasks will include but not be limited to, repetitive lifting of weight over 100lbs for demonstrations, quality communication with our throwing and hitting staff about individual players, providing feedback, group setting and private setting coaching, data collection, designing S&C programs, and expanding our strength department by improving our service. We also expect all of our coaches to contribute to content creation with creative collaborations with our content team.

This is more than just a coaching position. We are looking to add team players to our staff who are willing to bet on themselves and contribute to all aspects of the business. OPP is a start up, regardless of how much we grow we will always operate as a start up with start up culture and creativity. We are constantly working on projects to improve our systems from a player development perspective and a business perspective. You will have an opportunity to sit at the table and contribute to the vision of the company.

We are focused on building the most impactful baseball brand in the industry. Our goals are lofty and require everyone’s input. If you are a creative, outgoing coach who loves baseball and wants join a team of people who are all pulling on the same rope, this may be the place for you.


  • A history of independent learning and passionate about self development
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Trains regularly in the weight room.
  • At least 1 year of coaching under your belt with high school, college or pro players.
  • Played baseball at the high school level or above.
  • Computer literate and proficient with Google docs.
  • Social media presence that demonstrates creativity, knowledge and passion in this field.


  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Salary: Based on experience
  • Relocation Assistance: Distance-based Bonus ($)
  • Benefits: Continuing Education / PTO
  • Position Status: Full-Time (W-2 Employee)
  • Hours: 40+/wk (Mon-Sat)