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Remote Coaching should be simple At OPP, we believe in providing an all encompassing program that is SIMPLE to understand. Our easy to use software comes with video explanations for every exercise and drill.

I have been in your shoes… When I trained remote during my career I always felt like it wasn’t a high quality service. I never got individualized attention, my coaches never really cared about my career, and I was so frustrated with not understanding how to execute certain things within my program. I was just tired of wasting my money on services that were not that good.

Which is why I created OPP Remote Coaching service… after working with 100s of high school, college and professional baseball players remotely since 2017, we created a way to completely individualize an athletes remote training experience and give them the type of attention they desperately need in order to make improvements.


Why Choose Remote Coaching with Us?

  • Fully Customized Programs: Tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals, our Remote Coaching programs cover all aspects of your baseball development, including throwing, hitting, and strength training.
  • Expert Coaching from Afar: Our experienced coaches provide ongoing support, feedback, and guidance through video calls, progress tracking, and regular check-ins. Get ready to experience training at a whole new level.
  • Flexible and Convenient: No matter where you are or how busy your schedule is, our Remote Coaching service fits into your life. Train when it’s most convenient for you, without compromising on quality.
  • Nutritional Guidance & Meal Plans: Fuel your performance with personalized meal plans and expert nutritional advice, optimized to help you achieve your peak potential.
  • Build Leadership Skills: Beyond just the physical aspects of training, our mentorship goes the distance. Develop leadership skills and build character that will serve you on and off the field.
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  1. Initial Consultation: Fill out our application form and schedule your consultation call. This is where we’ll discuss your goals, assess your current abilities, and figure out if our services will be a good fit for you.
  2. Start training: If all goes well and we are on the same page, the athlete can start training right away. The first thing they will need to do is complete our detailed assessment process so we can design their training programs from scratch.


Ready to start?

We believe in providing the highest value service on the market, which means we can’t accept everyone into our program. Our coaches work with a limited amount of athletes so that they can give the type of attention to detail the athlete deserves.

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Disclaimer: We receive a high volume of applications and cannot guarantee acceptance into our program.

What are the athletes saying?

I personally feel optimal has prepared me in the field of baseball athleticism. It’s not just strength but it’s explosive. I also love the mobility stuff. My mobility and taking care of my body from a recovery prospective has definitely grown in a positive direction.

Josh SaleTexas Rangers

Have been remote with OPP for almost two months, and it is exactly what I need to fulfill my potential. Coach AJ is a true professional at what he does and he is real about everything. Loving OPP so far.

Samuel BarksdaleProfessional Free Agent

Training with Optimal Power Performance has allowed me to play at the collegiate level. Going from a junior topping 81 to a senior up to 89 and hitting 90 as a freshman year of college AJ has provided the framework to get me where I am now. Throughout my 3 years with OPP I have continuously made strides both on the weight room and on the field. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to train with Optimal Power Performance.

Damian TillieCollege Athlete

I have trained with OPP for the past 4 years and seen unparalleled growth in and out of the weight room. Their knowledge, application style and environment remotely or in house is the best in the country. I have thrown & hit at a lot of the top facilities in the country and none compare to the results seen then OPP! I can't thank him enough for helping my own career but all of the athletes in our facility and their growth in and out of the weight room. If you want some of the best training in the country look no further!

Cordelle GreenFrom 83 mph to 98 mph

Never had a coach so dedicated to making me better before. OPP’s attention to detail and constant communication makes me feel like I’m working with my coach in the gym even though I’m a remote athlete.

Carlos LaraCollege Athlete

I’ve trained with OPP for 5 months and have never improved so fast in my life. Most definitely would recommend Optimal Power Performance training to anyone that aspires to be a great athlete.

Gavin SmithHigh School Athlete

Been going here for a couple years now, great environment and great training. Highly recommend OPP to any athlete that wants to get better and work hard.

Thomas DeBonvilleProfessional Free Agent

Working with OPP has been amazing for me. It’s given me a new understanding of training and prepared my body to compete better than ever. I recommend to anyone that is serious about getting better.

Robert WeerCollege Athlete

AJ is a stellar coach. I came into OPP 8 months ago as a 170 lb pitcher that never threw above 83 mph. After working with AJ and his excellent nutritionist Kaleb, I now throw above 90 mph and weigh 195 lbs. Easily the best baseball training location I've ever been to. I highly recommend.

Collin SavageCollege Athlete

OPP is without a doubt the best training experience I have ever been apart of. I have done both remote training and in person. In remote training I have always received high quality instruction and answers to any questions I have in a very detailed and timely manner. However, I highly recommend everyone interested to find a way to come train in person. In one summer of in person work my strength, power, throwing and swing have all improved astronomically thanks to the culture that has been founded at OPP. When you're surrounded everyday by dudes who want to challenge you and watch you succeed, you are guaranteed results. OPP has changed the entire trajectory of my baseball career and I will be forever grateful that I chose to work with them.

Cade FletcherCollege Athlete

Without a doubt, the best training regimen I’ve received from any coach. Worth every penny. AJ is always quick to respond when I have a question and helps me to be my very best in the weight room day in and day out.

Jacob PipercicCollege Athlete

We were looking to get some additional training for my 16 year old son who has some very lofty Baseball goals. We were referred to OPP by a coach that my son respects and decided to reach out to AJ. From the very first communication I was so impressed with his level of detail and knowledge. We live in Washington state so chose the remote training. I was a little nervous about how this would work with a teenager and so far away. I am blown away since it has more than worked for my son. AJ communicates daily providing coaching and is very attentive to form and teaching new skills. We have already seen some amazing results in my sons metrics and this is all because of the program AJ designed for him. If you are looking to take your game to the next level this is the place to do it! Thank you AJ

Lynn CalimlimMother of high school athlete


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