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Custom Throwing & Strength Training Programs

This package is for Pitchers over the age of 14. Athletes will undergo a comprehensive full body assessment, throwing assessment, and questionnaire. You will be expected to have access to plyo balls, leather weighted baseballs, wrist weights, small trampoline, jaeger bands, shoulder tube, radar gun, mound, and a tripod to place your phone on so you can record your exercises, drills and assessments. If you are interested in purchasing these items, our athletes who sign up to train with us remotely all receive an exclusive 10% off discount from Driveline Baseball to help you with your purchases. You will receive an individual strength program that blends and compliments your custom throwing program. All of our athletes are given free educational content via our software and access to exclusive discounts from OPP and other companies whom we have partnered with. Rest assured knowing that our throwing coaches are certified by Driveline Baseball and will tailor your throwing program based off of both theoretical research and practical application. You can expect to train for 15 – 20 hours per weeK.


Every exercise on our proprietary software contains video demonstrations with our coaches coaching you through the movement. On top of that, we TRACK EVERYTHING. Every exercise, drill, and every set.  Visually track your progress daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly in a moment’s notice. Our coaches will respond to your uploaded videos within 48 hours for coaching feedback.


Our assessments are tailored to individuals sport, position, skill level and training experience. This includes a detailed throwing assessment, strength and speed assessment, and a full-body mobility screen.


We provide strength and conditioning education for all of our athletes via the software free of charge. We update this software constantly with educational videos, exercises and new features.


All of our athletes have the option of receiving custom meal plans from our certified nutritionist. No need to worry about what to eat or how much to eat, we figure out what you need and tailor custom meal plans that get you on the right track with your goals.


Athletes who train with us remotely receive exclusive discounts on products that they may need in order to maximize their remote training experience. From baseball specific products to nutrition, our athletes are covered. We have partnered with some of baseball’s biggest and most successful companies to provide high quality and affordable products to our athletes.

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