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300+ College Commits / 130+ HS 90mph Testimonials / 25 Pro Contracts

"AJ is also quite knowledgeable about Strength & Conditioning. The combination of his S&C knowledge and his HLP knowledge make him the best swing trainer in Arizona. If your goal is to reach your potential, I highly recommend OPP"
Richard Schenck (aka Teacherman)
Hitting Coach to Aaron Judge, Kerry Carpenter, and others.

Get The Baseball Training & Coaching You Need… At Your Fingertips, No Matter Where You Live

If you’re looking to get a D1 scholarship or eventually want to hear your name called in the MLB draft, you must stand out from 90% of high school baseball players.

This means you can’t be an average player. You must become an exceptional baseball player that’ll make colleges (or even MLB scouts) take notice of you.

To tap into your greatest hidden potential as a player, you need EXPERT training, coaching, guidance, and support to get you where you want to be. Time is of the essence. Right now is the best time to take action.

For players like yourself, you need the absolute best hitting mentors + training possible from real (and proven) experts. But you may not have physical access to high-level coaches where you live.

Or maybe you do have coaches or programs near you, but the quality is poor, or they don’t offer you the individualized attention on the critical details necessary to take you to the next level.

The good news is, now you can get online access to the expert hitting coaches you need, right at your fingertips. This will save you time, hassles, and wasted money on travel expenses related to distant training programs.

Here at OPP, we’ve created an ONLINE-ONLY COACHING PROGRAM that’s both simple and easy for you to implement on your own time schedule. This way you can receive the proper exercises, drills, instruction, nutritional guidance (and much more) that you really need, right where you live.

join 2,000+ other baseball players who have trained in our system

The biggest issues with many online coaching programs is lack of depth or they ignore important details…

They may cover a few aspects of coaching or training, but they neglect other vital components like effective nutrition, hitting mechanics, on-going support, and more.

We understand that if you’re a high school baseball player who wants to land a college scholarship or eventually hear your name called in the draft – you need the absolute best coaching and training possible.

That’s why we’ve taken our years of experience working with over 2,000 other players to date and created a comprehensive REMOTE TRAINING option for players just like yourself.

“Since our opening in 2018, we’ve had over 300+ college commits
(many were D1 scholarships), 130+ testimonials from 90mph
high school pitchers, and 25 pro contracts.”

Our personalized 1-on-1 program will provide you with the proper guidance, detailed feedback, and
in-depth training guidance you need from our dedicated team of expert coaches.

Many of our new athletes are already boosting their averages thanks to our training. Here’s some of the recent statistics after a short 3 month training period…

Our Remote Coaching Can Be Designed Around Your

Hitting Development Needs

Remote Hitting Development

Do you want to improve your bat speed, hitting power, and consistency? If so, then we can help you develop into the hitter you’ve always wanted to become.

During hitting development, you’ll undergo a detailed assessment that’ll look closely at how you swing and hit. You’ll then be granted access to our online hitting course ($297 value) for free. This course on-boards you to our hitting development program walks you through a detailed layout of what we teach and why we teach it.

From there you will be onboarded to our training software TrueCoach. This is where you will take your assessment, submit training questions, and view your individualized programing.

Here’s a Full Breakdown of What You’ll Receive During Your Online Remote Coaching

A Fully Tailored Online Program

The online program we’ll develop for you will be 100% tailored to your needs and goals. This will cover all aspects of your development - including throwing, hitting, strength training, mobility, nutrition, and much more.

Remote Expert Coaching & Training

Our experienced coaches will provide you with on-going support, specific feedback, step-by-step video instructions, and guidance throughout your training via the TrueCoach platform. We’ll track your progress and check-in with you online to keep you focused.

Everything You Need Inside ONE Platform

TrueCoach is the online training software/platform we use for this service. This easy-to-use platform will become the central hub where you’ll be able to access your custom workouts, watch instructional videos, review your goals, post photos, and more.

Flexible & Convenient Scheduling

You’ll be able to have access to your monthly schedule so your online training is easy to manage. This way you can choose the best times that’ll work around your busy schedule to finish what is on your program. Our goal is to make the coaching convenient and easy for you, but without compromising on quality.

Online Nutritional Guidance & Meal Plans

Thanks to your personalized nutritional guidance, meal plans, and grocery lists, you’ll be able to fuel your performance without any guesswork. This way the food you consume will be fully optimized to help you reach peak performance levels.

Remote Assessments & Mechanical Analysis

We’ll conduct detailed hitting and full body assessments with you remotely to determine where and how you need to maximize your skills. This will allow you to not only increase your physical abilities, but also take your hitting to the next level.

Mentorship & Mindset Training

We go beyond just the physical aspects of training. Our mentorship will help you develop a winning mindset and effective leadership skills that’ll build your character. Learn how to "flip the switch" get out of your head and compete!

Fellow Baseball Players Are Simply Raving About Our Remote Coaching Service

“I personally feel OPP has prepared me for the field. I love the strength training and mobility stuff as well. This has helped me improve my baseball athleticism and also taught me how to take care of my body. My game has definitely grown in a positive direction since being with OPP.”

-Josh Sale, Texas Rangers

“I’ve trained with OPP for 5 months and have never improved so fast in my life. Most definitely would recommend OPP training to anyone that aspires to be a great baseball player”

-Gavin Smith, AIA 6A Premier Region Offensive Player of The Year in Arizona.

“OPP is the ideal training facility and environment for any baseball player looking to take thier game to the next level. Aj and the OPP team are second to none in looking after your development, tailoring a program to you, and offering a service that is unmatched. After with OPP in house and remotely since 2021, I’ve taken tremendous strides in my game going from D3 school to a D1. None of it would be possible without the help of Aj and his team. As a college athlete who has always been in search for a facility/program that provides the energy, environment, and development like OPP does, I would highly recommend it to any high school, college or pro athlete.”

Max Smyley, Gardner Web University

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DISCLAIMER: We only work with a limited number of athletes to achieve maximum results.

This way we can make sure you qualify and learn more about your specific baseball needs and goals. You’ll also get to ask us any questions you may have and find out even more information about the program fees.

Interested in training in our “done for you” hitting course? Check out our Online Hitting Course