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Real Impact, Real Results, Real Opportunity.

Scale Your Coaching Career with OPP


  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Salary: Based on experience
  • Relocation Assistance: Distance-based Bonus ($)
  • Benefits: Continuing Education Bonus
  • Position Status: Full-Time (W-2 Employee)
  • Start Date: January 8th, 2024
  • Hours: 40-50/wk (Mon-Sat)

About the role

The private baseball development industry needs an update. Athletes are stuck in the lesson paradigm, paying a coach on a per session basis in order to try and make progress. Yet, they frequently miss training sessions, only schedule when convenient and when the season rolls around they usually go ghost. The facilities who prioritize the bottom line over the athletes’ development are even worse.

At OPP, we are the standard.

Consistency in an athletes training process is by far the most important aspect of their career that will have the biggest impact on their success. OPP is the ONLY true private baseball facility in the world. While everyone says they are “private” we are the only company who holds our athletes accountable. We remove athletes who do not conform to our standards and we do not accept athletes who are not a good fit for our environment. We are truly focused on our athletes’ success, not just the bottom line.

As a Performance Coach with OPP, you will be able to provide guidance for your assigned athletes year-round, as opposed to in brief spurts throughout the Off-Season. Your coaching duties will involve both remote and in-house work with your assigned athlete workload. 

Building a comprehensive plan for an athlete year around is multifaceted and complex. As you progress with OPP and increase your athlete workload, you will be educated with our curriculum on how to leverage your skillset as you oversee ALL the aspects of your players’ development. Pitching Performance Coaches will be expected to provide mechanical video analysis, individualized throwing programs, nutrition, mindset, etc. Hitting Performance Coaches will be expected to provide mechanical video analysis, individualized hitting programs, nutrition, mindset, etc. This is FULL player development at its finest. For some, this expectation is far beyond their threshold. For others, this expectation is exciting and an opportunity to level up their coaching skills far beyond where it is today. 

To be clear, we do not expect you to have pre-existing expertise in all of these performance aspects. No need to worry, once you’re hired you’ll be immersed into all things OPP including our coaching courses, our 90-day onboarding curriculum that prepares you for everything.

OPP is a start up, regardless of how much we grow we will always operate as a start up with start up culture and creativity. You’ll be expected to contribute at a level that is unfamiliar to most. It will be uncomfortable and challenging. But, when you realize your true coaching potential, you unlock opportunities for significant professional and personal growth.

Preferred qualifications that will make you stand out:

A history of independent learning.

Excellent leadership and communication skills

1 year of coaching under your belt with high school, college or pro players.

Played baseball and has “feel”

A history of finding creative solutions to unique training limitations.

Trains in the weight room regularly.

Computer literate and proficient with Microsoft office and Google docs.

Social media presence that demonstrates creative learning, knowledge and/or passion in this field.

About Us

OPP started out as an experiment in 2015 for the founder’s personal baseball career. This experiment turned into a player development laboratory for baseball players who are obsessed with improvement.

Since 2015 we have worked with over 2,000 athletes and have begun to solidify our mark in the baseball development space as the last REAL and innovative baseball facility in the industry. In 2018 we opened our first training facility in Tempe AZ. After a few short years there we outgrew the space and decided it was time to upgrade to our state of the art 6,500 Sq ft facility in Phoenix AZ. We also have a location in Kirkland WA.

We have a unique culture at OPP that requires our team members to have an intra-entrepreneur mentality. Someone with a tremendous work ethic who has the motivation to accomplish their personal career goals and aspirations within our company. Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously yet possesses the ability to lead a room and take massive action.

If that sounds like you, click here to apply