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In-House Training - Led by AJ Arroyo

Owner of Optimal Power Performance, Certified Strength and Conditioning
Specialist (CSCS), Westside Barbell Special Strength Coach (WSBB) Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), and a leading expert in baseball skills training and education.

To Rise Above the Rest, You Have to Become the Best.

We’ll Help You Make the Leap to the Next Level.

Do you have what it takes to land that highly coveted D1 baseball scholarship or possibly hear your name called in the MLB Draft?

The truth is most high school baseball players may have a lot of drive and high hopes to make the leap into the college or pro level – but they simply aren’t good enough.

Bottomline: if you haven’t improved your baseball skills significantly over the past year, then you’re not receiving the right training.

Before you can make the leap to the next level, you must transition away from just being a “good” baseball player. You need to set your sights higher and get BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER and become a dominate force when you step onto the baseball field.

The good news is, we can help you not only turn your biggest weaknesses into strengths, but we can help improve your confidence to become the best version of yourself. This will increase your chances of landing that dream D1 scholarship or eventually get you drafted.

Your journey begins with our exclusive in-person training program here at our private training facility in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona…

Introducing Our Complete ‘One Stop Shop’ In-House Training System That Offers You Everything You Need to Succeed

This is our most exclusive and personalized development program. It’s offered in-person on a monthly membership basis here at our Phoenix, AZ training facility.

We train high school baseball players (14+) who want to land D1 scholarships. But we also help current collegiate-level and professional players who want to maximize their skills and talents as well.

“Since our opening in 2018, we’ve had nothing but big success with
the players we’ve developed. We’ve had over 300+ college commits
(many were D1 scholarships), 120+ testimonials from 90mph
high school pitchers, and 25 pro contracts.”

Our personalized program will provide you with the proper guidance, detailed feedback,
in-depth training (and more) you need from our dedicated team of expert performance coaches.

Many of our new athletes are already boosting their averages thanks to our training. Here’s some of the recent statistics in a 3.5 month time span…

Our In-House Program Covers All the Bases… Including Hitting & Pitching Development

Hitting Development

Do you want to improve your bat speed, hitting power, and consistency? If so, then we can help you develop into the hitter you’ve always wanted to become.

During hitting development, you’ll undergo a detailed assessment that’ll look closely at how you swing and hit. You’ll then receive step-by-step hitting instructions in a small group setting from our team of experts.

Our hitters have access to Hittrax technology so they can always see where they stack up. We also provide Live At Bats indoors at our location so seeing live arms happens regularly at OPP.

You’ll quickly discover exactly why OPP hitters like Isaac Wersland stand out from all other baseball players…

Position Player Throwing Development

Most position players need velocity training. Figuring out how to manage that workload in-season and in your off-season is key to maximizing your velocity gain year after year.

We will tailor a throwing program to your needs similar to that of our pitchers. We base our programming decisions off of time of year, throwing mechanics, training history and more.

You can rest easy knowing that we have the proper training and technology you need to maximize your performance (including Stalker Radar Guns and Hittrax for live at bats).

Here’s a Full Breakdown of What You’ll Receive During Your In-House Training

Tailored Programs

Our training system is 100% tailored specifically to improving a baseball players current ability. Our programs will cover all aspects of your baseball development - including throwing, hitting, strength training, mobility, and/or speed training.

Detailed Assessments & Mechanical Analysis

We’ll conduct detailed assessments and a full mechanical analysis to determine where and how you need to maximize your baseball skills. We will cover your current abilities in detail with you and show you exactly what we are trying to improve. This will allow you to target specific weak points in your mechanics and help you understand the "why" behind your training.

Hands-On Expert Coaching & Training

Our experienced coaches will provide you with on-going support, specific feedback, and step-by-step guidance throughout your training. We’ll also track your forward progress and regularly check-in with you to keep you focused.

Fast, Flexible & Convenient Scheduling

You’ll be able to schedule your in-person training sessions, quickly and easily, via our handy mobile app. This way you can choose the best times that’ll work around your busy schedule.

Nutritional Guidance & Meal Plans

Thanks to our personalized nutritional guidance, meal plans, and grocery lists, you’ll be able to fuel your performance without any guesswork. And to give your nutrition that extra edge, we’ll also provide you FREE supplements during your training.

Advanced Technology Tools & LIVE Setups

You’ll be able to compete against others in a LIVE setting with our complete set up. Get access to full-length cages, mounds, stalkers, Rapsodo, Hittrax, Live AB, and more.

Leadership, Mentorship & Mindset Training

We go beyond just the physical aspects of training. Our mentorship will help you develop a winning mindset and effective leadership skills that’ll build your character and overall make-up as a baseball player. To put it bluntly, our coaches have failed so you don't have to. All of our coaches played this game and have years of experience even at the professional level to help guide you.

Private Recovery Room Access & Therapy

Along with your training, you’ll also receive Red Light Therapy, MarcPro Recovery Units, body tempering massages, cupping, and more inside our private recovery room. This way you can rapidly speed up your recovery time after every training session.

College Recruiting & Exclusive Promotion

Lastly, we’ll also offer college recruiting services (optional) as well as exclusive promotion to thousands of colleges and professional coaches who follow us on social media. We’ve already received dozens of D1 scholarship offers through our DMs alone.

Our Players Are Getting Real Results Thanks To This Hands-On Training

“I personally feel OPP has prepared me for the field. I love the strength training and mobility stuff as well. This has helped me improve my baseball athleticism and also taught me how to take care of my body. My game has definitely grown in a positive direction since being with OPP.

– Josh Sale, Texas Rangers

“I’ve trained with OPP for 5 months and have never improved so fast in my life. Most definitely would recommend OPP training to anyone that aspires to be a great baseball player”

-Gavin Smith, AIA 6A Premier Region Offensive Player of The Year in Arizona.

“OPP is the ideal training facility and environment for any baseball player looking to take thier game to the next level. Aj and the OPP team are second to none in looking after your development, tailoring a program to you, and offering a service that is unmatched. After with OPP in house and remotely since 2021, I’ve taken tremendous strides in my game going from D3 school to a D1. None of it would be possible without the help of Aj and his team. As a college athlete who has always been in search for a facility/program that provides the energy, environment, and development like OPP does, I would highly recommend it to any high school, college or pro athlete.”

-Max Smyley, Gardner-Webb University

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DISCLAIMER: We only work with a limited number of athletes to achieve maximum results.

This way we can make sure you qualify and learn more about your specific baseball needs and goals. You’ll also get to ask us any questions you may have and find out even more information about the program fees.

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