Conjugate 4 athletes Course Review

The Conjugate 4 Athletes S&C Course was developed to equip S&C coaches with a training practice rooted in scientific laws and principles. This course walks you through a basic level understanding on applied sciences and then progresses toward extremely advanced applied sciences. This way, coaches of all skill levels can benefit from this course. The content in this course was designed for coaches who work primarily with baseball athletes at the high school, collegiate, or professional level.


Coaches who purchase this course will have unlimited access to it without an expiration date. So, this means that when we update this course with more information and material, you will immediately have free access to it and also be sent notifications about the updates. This also means that you can work through it at your own pace because there is no due date or final test.


Although this course is titled “Conjugate 4 Athletes” it is not only about the conjugate method. See lesson plan for more details. This course encompasses all systems and periodization models with an unbiased approach so that you can better organize your training means and methods based on sound scientific principles. We make recommendations from experience and also help provide a dynamic layout towards the end of the course that shows you exactly how we implement our training at OPP, including assessments, organization of training methods, etc. We are not giving you a template or some BS periodization scheme to follow. We are giving you years of theoretical and practical training experience so that you can possess the knowledge and understanding needed to design your own training system that will ultimately allow you to better serve your clientele and create your own niche within the market.


Frequently asked questions:


Is there a live section to this course with a live interaction between OPP staff and those who buy the course?


  • Originally there was going to be. We quickly realized that with a high volume of coaches taking this course worldwide that it wouldn’t be possible to get everyone’s schedule to match ours with hosting. So instead, we automated the “live” section of the course at the end of the course and leave you with a direct line of communication with us for questions following the course. We are currently working on a more interactive platform to form a community of coaches so we can provide live Q&A’s, etc for those who purchase the course.


Is this course only for coaches who work with baseball athletes? I work with another population but am interested in this course.

  • Because scientific laws and principles are unwavering and do not change based on the population. This course can be taken and applied to any population. However, the course is heavily biased towards a baseball athlete with demos, videos, etc. But good coaches can take that info and apply the science and literature to other sporting demands. We are currently working on more courses for more populations as we speak but the timetable for them is unknown.


I primarily work with baseball athletes under 14, can I still benefit from this?


  • Of course, just as intermediate athletes need to progress to advanced and advanced to elite. Novice athletes like the ones you work with will need to be progressed toward intermediate. Might as well do it the right way based on sound scientific principles! With that said, we primarily work with high school, collegiate and professional athletes. So, most of our references, demos, and videos are of these athletes.


How long does the course take to finish?


  • It’s completely dependent on you! Some coaches can take one day and listen to all the lectures, but listening and learning are two different things. We just recommended that all coaches take notes during the lectures and try to take the time to understand the information. From the short time that it has been available, most coaches who we have spoken with have stated that they need to go over the course a few times and take notes each time to truly grasp and understand the information. But since there is no expiration date, you can take your time and go through the info several times if needed.


Will I receive a certification when I finish?

  • No, we are not certifying you in anything. This course isn’t for coaches who need another piece of paper on their wall. This is for passionate coaches who want to level up their education and in-turn level up their business.


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Aj Arroyo

Aj Arroyo

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