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The Best Baseball Training in Arizona

Are you sick and tired of training at places that don’t value your career the same way you do? Have you given your money away to someone or some company that stopped caring once they got paid? Maybe you train somewhere that has become more of a “social hour” for friends…

Here’s how we can help

We are the only private training facility in Arizona, which means we do not need more athletes in order to survive financially. We only care about WHO is on the training floor, not about HOW MANY athletes we can get to buy our services. We value our athletes training environment and results more than the bottom dollar. So much so, that if an athlete is compromising our environment, we will terminate their membership. This is one of the many reasons why our culture and community is simply unmatched. Our coaches are highly educated with years of experience. We have been developing High school, Collegiate and Professional athletes in the MLB and NBA since 2016. Athletes interested in training at OPP must apply and be accepted prior to training. If accepted, then you come here to earn your membership every day. This is where you are held accountable. This is where you actually reach your goals.

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Our custom meal plans are easy to follow. They come with grocery lists, nutrient labels and even recipes that you can use to create great tasting healthy food.


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We keep our athletes stocked with creatine, essential amino acids, protein, multivitamins and more. We do this to provide our athletes with a “no-excuse” approach to taking their supplements.


We provide our athletes with Red Light Therapy stations, MarcPro Recovery Units, Body tampering massages, cupping and more! We do this so that our athletes maximize their recovery the moment their training sessions are over.

Strength and Conditioning

Get the most of out of your training with expert strength training programs, cutting-edge recovery tools, nutrition plans, and mindset development all under one roof; conveniently streamlined for a more efficient path to improved performance. Our throwers and hitters will receive individualized strength and conditioning programs that are designed to blend and compliment their skills work. For our basketball guys, we do not provide the skill work on the court but we can refer you to some of the best basketball skill coaches in the country, right next door to us!

“I came into OPP 8 months ago as a 170 lb pitcher that never threw above 83 mph. After working with OPP and their excellent nutritionist, I now throw over 90 mph (top 91.7) and weigh 195 lbs. Easily the best baseball training location I've ever been to. I highly recommend.”

Collin SavageCollege Pitcher

Pitching Development

Our pitchers undergo a thorough assessment process and receive individualized throwing programs tailored to meet them where they currently are in their career. For most, it's about velocity. For others, they may require segments of their training focused on command, pitch design, or live competition against our hitters. Rest assured, our pitchers have everything they need to maximize performance and recovery. Including Rapsodo and Stalker technology. As well as a red light therapy room and Marc-Pro stem units for additional recovery at no extra charge.

“When I first started training with OPP, I was fresh off getting released from a short 10 day stint in the frontier league. I was sitting 90-92 at the time. After following the programming, all of the hard work in the weight room translated to the field. This last season, I sat 94-96 touching 97. I’m still consistently seeing results. Can’t wait to see what this season has in store. Wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of OPP”

Matt DallasProfessional Pitcher with the Boise Hawks - Pioneer league

Hitting Development

All of our hitters also undergo an assessment process and receive hitting instruction in a small group setting. Learn what makes OPP hitters stand out. We work with hitters from high school up to the pros and understand how to communicate with different hitters who learn differently. Our hitters also have everything they need to maximize performance and recovery. Including Hittrax technology and detailed hitting reports. As well as a red light therapy room and Marc-Pro stem units for additional recovery at no extra charge.

“The place of getting things done and doing it well. OPP helped me to become a better athlete and skilled baseball player, and has helped me to continue that growth beyond. If you wanna get better, go to OPP period!”

Isaac WerslandOklahoma Wesleyan University - .376 AVG / 25 HR / 70 RBI

I personally feel optimal has prepared me in the field of baseball athleticism. It’s not just strength but it’s explosive. I also love the mobility stuff. My mobility and taking care of my body from a recovery prospective has definitely grown in a positive direction.

Josh SaleTexas Rangers

We were looking to get some additional training for my 16 year old son who has some very lofty Baseball goals. We were referred to OPP by a coach that my son respects and decided to reach out to AJ. From the very first communication I was so impressed with his level of detail and knowledge. We live in Washington state so chose the remote training. I was a little nervous about how this would work with a teenager and so far away. I am blown away since it has more than worked for my son. AJ communicates daily providing coaching and is very attentive to form and teaching new skills. We have already seen some amazing results in my sons metrics and this is all because of the program AJ designed for him. If you are looking to take your game to the next level this is the place to do it! Thank you AJ

Lynn CalimlimMother of high school athlete

Never had a coach so dedicated to making me better before. OPP’s attention to detail and constant communication makes me feel like I’m working with my coach in the gym even though I’m a remote athlete.

Carlos LaraCollege Athlete

I’ve trained with OPP for 5 months and have never improved so fast in my life. Most definitely would recommend Optimal Power Performance training to anyone that aspires to be a great athlete.

Gavin SmithHigh School Athlete


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