Squats and Deadlifts

Our athletes perform many different variations for both squatting and deadlifting. Conventional deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, quarter squats, narrow squats, anderson squats, wide squats, wide box squats, etc. However, one of the most prominent positions we use is a wide sumo stance box squat and sumo deadlift. We do not use these variations for everyone all […]

Conjugate 4 athletes Course Review

The Conjugate 4 Athletes S&C Course was developed to equip S&C coaches with a training practice rooted in scientific laws and principles. This course walks you through a basic level understanding on applied sciences and then progresses toward extremely advanced applied sciences. This way, coaches of all skill levels can benefit from this course. The content in […]

The Conjugate Approach to increasing Throwing Velocity

It’s no secret that we employ the Conjugate Method in the weight room at OPP. But what about improving a pitchers throwing velocity? Eventually it takes more than just a quality strength training program to do this optimally. At OPP we prefer to use the scientific method to come to conclusions. Such as what training system or […]

Pitchers and Polymetrics

Ground contact time displays the reversal strength and elastic ability one possesses in the lower limbs. Here is Chicago White Sox pitcher Hunter Speer demonstrating a depth jump with ankle weights adding an additional +22lbs. Even with this additional weight notice how his ground contact is extremely short in time. Reactive strength (also referred to as […]

Speed Training for Baseball Players

Running 60 yd sprints, jogging poles, and stretching more isn’t the answer to increased speed or explosiveness on the baseball field. First let’s look at the demands of the sport to set the parameters for our training.   A pitch is thrown roughly every 30-45 seconds. Which means every 30-45 seconds a baseball player is […]

Reactive Strength for Baseball Players

Reactive strength is the ability to switch from a maximal force following an eccentric stretch to a concentric action in a plyometric or a fast-rebound action. The speed between the eccentric stretch and the concentric action is telling and displays an athlete’s reactive ability. This reactive ability is important for baseball players, especially high-level throwers and hitters. […]