Intra-Workout Nutrition Drink

Peri-Workout Nutrition, or “nutrition around your training-pre/intra/ and post” is a confusing topic. There are hundreds of opinions, dozens of studies, thousands of protocols. While research does need to be evaluated and taken into consideration; the “bro science,” personal experience side of the story must also be considered and even self-applied. This is directed towards a certain […]

Principles before paychecks

OPP has never strayed away from pursing optimal performance training for each individual and their sport, and we never will. I am extremely proud of this. Over the last several months I have turned down a number of athletes who wanted to train with us. The athletes who are accepted pay a flat fee at […]

Efficiency is the Goal

Many argue that the largest most powerful human beings are the best athletes because of their size and strength. However, we often see this to not hold true in sports that require extreme high amounts of technique and movement efficiency. Sports such as baseball, golf, tennis, and track and field events such as high jump, long […]

Overspeed Eccentrics

The purpose of this blog is to cover eccentric training as well as to go over our in-house study which strictly covers the acceleration phase of the big 3 lifts using a combination of slow eccentrics and overspeed eccentrics. It is not unheard of to take an athlete through an Eccentric block, phase, or period of time. To make this […]

Strong enough

In this blog I will cover the new slogan “strong enough” in depth and why I would never use this terminology with my athletes.  The force-velocity curve is usually referenced in rudimentary context. Often coaches assume that because max-strength is on one end and explosive strength is on the other, just simply train max-strength first […]

Conjugate 4athletes part 1

Athletes everywhere are being influenced by social media. Most of the questions that come my way via social media are in regard to the Conjugate system. Some love it, some hate it. Either way, most strength coaches incorporate some type of Conjugate sequence within their own periodization schemes regardless if they know it or not. Over the next […]

Conjugate 4athletes part 2

In my previous blog I discussed the importance of building the initial foundation and raising GPP during the prep phase. In this blog I will address enhancing the current foundation for athletes who have already built their initial base. I will also discuss ME and DE work in more detail and dive into the practical […]

Conjugate 4athletes part 3

Special Strength Training (SST) “Special Strength Training is based on the specific characteristics of physical training and the long-term dynamics of the STS (Sports Training Process)”. (Supertraining 2003-2009) There are key principles that form the foundation of Special Strength Training that I believe are important for understanding this crucial part of development. Brief overview of […]

Conjugate 4athletes part 4

Practical Programming: Days that focus on similar muscle groups need to be separated by at least 72 hours for a solid recovery. Example: ME Lower, DE Lower should be done at least 72 hours apart. Different muscle groups can be trained every 12-24 hours depending on the individual’s recovery. Restoration and recovery methods between training sessions […]