About Us

Optimal Power Performance (OPP) started out as an experiment in 2015 for our founder’s personal baseball career. The experiment was to test different training methodologies and player development strategies on a surplus of athletes to see what strategies would the best. Our founder Aj Arroyo, ended up collecting the data of hundreds of athletes during this process. At the time, he had no intentions of creating a baseball training company. He was just trying to figure out what works in the shortest amount of time possible. After his playing career ended in 2017, he decided to start coaching athletes full time. In 2019 he opened up our first location in Tempe AZ. It was here where he realized he could do something big. His goal was to create the first baseball facility that prioritized baseball development over revenue. He knew what is like paying for services that didn’t live up to the hype. We are here to change the industry for the better with our athletes first approach.

meet our team

Aj Arroyo

Founder / Director of Player Development

Aj Arroyo is the founder of Optimal Power Performance (OPP) located in Tempe, Arizona. Aj has helped athletes from youth to professional sports achieve their highest level of performance. Aj obtains the Westside Barbell Special Strength Certification from Westside Barbell. As well as the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is certified by Driveline Baseball with the Foundations of Pitching Certification. He is also a certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms) which is an advanced mobility system developed by Dr. Andreo Spina. Within that system he is also a certified Functional Range Strength Coach (FRSC), Functional Range Internal Strength Coach (FRSC).
Under Aj’s guidance, OPP has grown from only providing strictly strength training services in Arizona to now providing education, nutrition, baseball specific skills training and remote coaching all over the country. Guiding both athletes and coaches on their pursuit for optimal training tactics. After testing these tactics for years with several athletes and himself, Aj developed ‘OPP Training Systems’ and educational courses. These courses educate coaches and athletes on the application of scientific based strength and conditioning material, pitching development methods and hitting development tactics that have been derived from theoretical research and backed by real athletes’ results.

After a tough college experience not getting the results he wanted and a short lived professional career in lower level Independent Baseball, Aj was consumed with figuring out how and why he didn’t reach his potential. Always searching for ways to improve himself either in the gym or on the field. This constant search sparked the rest of his career in coaching. Aj is most known for his work with baseball players. Aj specializes in special strength training, speed development, mobility training, hitting/throwing instruction; and athletic performance enhancement.

Kaleb Wersland

Director of Nutrition

Kaleb Wersland is the Director of Nutrition and assistant Strength Coach for OPP. Kaleb played 4 years of collegiate baseball and received his degree in Exercise Physiology. Certified through Precision Nutrition, (PN1) Kaleb provides our athletes with personalized meal plans. Combining our strength training services with Kalebs insight and nutritional guidance has given our athletes the edge we were looking for. Kaleb has served as a strength consultant for both Yakima Valley and Skagit Valley Collegiate baseball teams. His intern experience with Sterling Physical Therapy and Sterling College broadened his horizons as a strength coach and has made him a tremendous asset to our athletes. Kaleb has also ran a successful nutrition business on his own, helping countless clients achieve their goals via his expertise.

Dallas Wicklander

Head Performance Coach - Kirkland, Washington

Dallas Wicklander traveled down to OPP for an internship that he successfully completed. Dallas was a former trainee of OPP and already had a quality understanding of our training tactics, methods and principles prior to joining our staff. During his internship we saw the tremendous value and eagerness to learn that he brought to the table every day. Following his internship, he was promoted to a Lead Strength Coach position at our 2nd location in Kirkland Washington. Dallas is also a certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms) 

Follow along with Dallas and what he’s doing at OPP by visiting our IG page for this location.

Adam zeratsky

strength coach - phoenix, arizona

 Adam started with us in 2023 during the height of our initial move into our new facility. His background is unique, as a player who was riddled with injuries for most of his collegiate career, he was forced to find a better way. Obsessed with development and eager to get back on the field, Adam was in a constant search for ways to improve his physical abilities. As a strength coach with OPP, he strives to help players get better by providing what he didn’t have access to when we played. He aims to educate each athlete he works with on the importance of staying healthy and training correctly so they can stay on the field. Adam is also a certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms)

Chris Lincoln

Throwing Coach - Phoenix, Arizona

Chris played 4 years with the San Diego Padres after being a 5th round selection in the 2019 draft. Before entering into the draft he had 3 years under his belt on the UC Santa Barbara baseball team where he was an all conference closer.

Chris battled through a series of elbow and shoulder injuries in professional baseball that ultimately hindered his playing career. Those set backs ended up fueling his new found love for coaching and guiding other players in their career. He joined the OPP staff at the start of 2024 with an ambitious mindset toward player development. Eager to help us advance our pitching systems, Chris comes with a wealth of experience from professional baseball that we are excited to share with our clients.

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