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The 2023 Optimal Power Performance Collegiate Baseball Development Program is now accepting registrations for its third year. The program will be held at our facility in Tempe, AZ from June 1st to August 12th, 2023.

This program attracts motivated athletes from across the country who want to train and improve their skills with experienced performance coaches and premium training tools. It is ideal for pitchers and hitters who want to develop their skills beyond just getting more innings or at-bats.

Each athlete will undergo an initial assessment, including a movement screen, pitching assessment, and/or hitting assessment, to create a personalized strength and conditioning program. Progress will be tracked through video analysis and data collection.

The frequency of throwing & hitting sessions largely depends on your training history, injury history and where you are currently at with your development. However we have general guidelines below. Training is provided on average six days per week, with double or triple sessions per day, depending on the athlete’s needs. Pitchers can expect to throw 4-5 times a week, while weight training 4 times a week. For hitters the schedule includes 4-5 hitting sessions, 4-5 throwing sessions, and 4 strength and conditioning sessions per week, as well as defensive work on the field 2 times a week. Throwing programs include weighted ball work, long toss, bullpens, live throwing, and video analysis, with rapsodo data collection.

In addition to training, athletes will have access to recovery tools such as MarcPro, red light therapy, cupping, and body tampering. Regular educational components will also be incorporated to help athletes understand the reasoning behind their training.

Join the 2023 Optimal Power Performance Collegiate Baseball Development Program for an opportunity to optimize your performance and improve as a player in a challenging and supportive environment. Simply CLICK HERE to be directed to our registration page.